Supporting Community

The Bayleys Foundation

The Bayleys Foundation is committed to supporting communities throughout New Zealand. As part of this, Bayleys Canterbury are proud supporters of many local schools, sports team and not-for-profit organisations across the country.

The Crusaders

There’s no group of people who embody the spirit of Canterbury better than the Crusaders. Their passion, hard work and values are an inspiration to us. Bayleys Canterbury exhibits the same qualities and we couldn’t think of a better way to show support for our Canterbury region.

Cans for a Cause

Food is the foundation for a happy, healthy life. Since COVID 19, we have a whole new level of food insecurity in our community, and Community Wellbeing North Canterbury Trust are serving many families who were already vulnerable have found themselves in need. Through Bayleys North Canterbury’s Cans for a Cause, we have been able to help up and help out.  We are committed to immediately helping those affected and we know our ongoing support will be necessary as our local communities work to get back on their feet. Together, we’re providing the food people need to thrive today — it’s both our legacy and our future. Thank you for your kindness and generosity that is helping make such an incredible difference.

Christchurch City Mission

Every day, Christchurch City Mission works with some of Canterbury’s most vulnerable individuals, families and communities. We’ve partnered with the Christchurch City Mission to help contribute to long-term social change in our community.

The Christchurch Art Gallery

Bayleys Canterbury believe cultural institutions play a valuable role in our communities. The Christchurch Art Gallery is inspiring, sharing our values of innovation, our passion for art, and its ability to connect communities and people with art.

Bringing back birdsong to Hanmer Springs, note by note

Te Tihi o Rauhea Hanmer Springs Conservation Trust are delivering practical, on-the ground actions that work towards Hanmer Springs becoming predator-free by 2050, bringing resources and volunteers together to make a real difference to enable New Zealand’s most vulnerable species a fighting chance to survive and thrive.Bayleys Hanmer are with them every step of the way, donating $100 from every house sale in the Hanmer Basin towards protecting and bringing back the birdsong that forms an integral part of life in Hanmer Springs. It’s about the birds and about doing something tangible that makes a difference. Together we can ensure that our birdsong is not lost, and so, so much more.

Surfing for Farmers

Surfing for Farmers is about getting farmers off farm and having a bit of fun, while trying something new. Farmers and growers leave everything they have on the land, they give their all to support New Zealand’s economy and ensure we have access to the very best food. However, this does take a toll on their wellbeing and mental health. Helping farmers take care of their mental health is important, that's why Bayleys are proud to be founding partners of Surfing for Farmers.